Already there | Thoughts 2014-2016

Perseverance under the pressure of circumstances

Two years ago today I wrote the below note. I had heard the linked song for the first time a few days earlier while on my way back from the States to Finland, and it hit like a thousand volts. My heart was full of only questions with no answers, and breaking ’cause I had to leave the place where I felt I’d really belong. And to this day, I still have no answers – sometimes even more questions. But it is possible to hear God’s clear and gentle voice through all the fuss that’s echoing in our heads.

Once in a while It’s good to get a reminder about the things you feel and know God has spoken to you; especially when your circumstances aren’t much -if any- different than at that moment, when He spoke truth to your heart. We should continue from there; keep preaching those words to ourselves and declaring His truth, victory and supremacy over our thoughts and feelings, and into our whole lives [not just for others].

It’s easy to lose sight of it. Sometimes we’re fast to forget and turn back to our angst; we often choose a familiar state, even when it does no good to us. Trusting in our Lord and being grateful for everything He has done, is doing right now [no matter if we can see it or not] and will keep on doing and creating in and around us…That’s what brings the peace and confidence in our hearts and real calmness into our minds.

On those moments of surrender – looking at and seeing our living and omnipotent God instead of focusing on ourselves, the surrounding situations or whatever issues we’re dealing with – when we finally find courage again to just let go of all the struggle… That’s when He can nourish our souls on so many levels [even on those we don’t (yet) know of], pour down His love and take care of our open wounds, insecurities or fears, and truly revive and sustain us; making us unwavering in Him.

“Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised” Heb 10:35-36 (ESV)

“For the Lord is good; His steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.” Ps 100:5 (ESV)”

[ Written 09/28/2014 ]

Already There | by Casting Crowns

Sometimes it’s frustrating when the future is hidden; we don’t know which choices lead to which outcome, or maybe how to get where we want to be. Things might seem to be going nowhere, or life may just seem like a total mess with nothing to grasp on to. It can be hard to trust, to stay with a peaceful mind with an unknown future. However things are not up to our actions only. We can’t see the big picture of our life or how it’s wrapped together with the lives of other people.

We are not where we are for nothing. Different kinds of situations in life teach us different kinds of things (if we let them); endurance, compassion, humbleness, trust, courage, living in this moment, wisdom, etc… everything that will help us in the future situations in life, and while walking next to each other. The most profound thing probably is: don’t be afraid. You are taken care of. Really, I mean it. I have seen it.

People might start from different positions in life, but it has nothing to do with being unequal. It’s just that our path and our purpose in life are our own. And where ever you are in your life and whatever the circumstances are, God is above them! Things might seem impossible to us, but they sure are not to Him! There’s nothing too small or too big you can’t come to Him with.

“With God all things are possible.” Matt 19:26

Since You are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of Your name lead* and guide me.” Ps 31:3

*Nugget: The word “lead” <verb: nâchâh> used here means to lead, to guide, to transport [bring, guide, lead, put, stationed], usually in the right direction or on proper path. It usually appears with the Lord as the subject. The term is also used metaphorically to represent spiritual guidance in righteousness. The word comes with secondary meaning of treating kindly, blessing, deliverance, protection or wisdom.